Offshore Digital Video + Inspection systems

A world leader in offshore digital video recording (DVR) + inspection systems. Digital Edge Subsea develops and manufactures DVR products for use throughout the offshore oil and gas industry including diving, remote operated vehicle (ROV) and topside operations.


Introducing EdgeDVR

The EdgeDVR is currently used worldwide by most of the major ROV and Diving contractors. With our Version 5 software, we have 6 models. The EdgeDVR has become an essential part of any ROV and Diving system offshore, easy to use and reliable. The system is capable of recording simultaneous High Definition and Standard Definition video, together with auto creation of Dive, Video, Photo and Anomaly logs. Multi channel digital overlay is also available for all recorded channels, logos and realtime survey data can be displayed. With over 800 systems now offshore, we have a proven record of reliability.

Software options


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Why use EdgeDVR?

The EdgeDVR was originally designed by a pilot and 3.4u inspector that were active within the ROV and diving industry. We felt that the industry needed a simple, standalone solution that fulfils most inspection needs. The system was designed to aid, both the pilots & inspectors and give the client the deliverable required. Reliability offshore is paramount, so we only use top-end hardware and stress test the systems, to give the best performance. All of our systems can be remotely accessed by DES technicians, to aid setup and fault find. With our new version 5 software, we will be constantly adding support for all major sonar, camera, cathodic potential and ultrasonic measurement systems.

Featured products

Whether you prioritise maximum performance, maximum portability, or something in between, we have EdgeDVR systems to suit you

  • EdgeDVR 4U Rack Mounted

    All the capabilities for the EdgeDVR plus a task based extended database. The deliverable will include an automatically generated infield report to capture all of the inspection results. This can be passed on to the client at the end of the job for instant analysis.
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  • EdgeDVR Dell Precision 7750

    A portable laptop EdgeDVR solution perfect for situations where mobility is valuable. Available in Standard, Pro and Lite versions.
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  • EdgeDVR Mobile Workstation

    The Mobile EdgeDVR Workstation brings you the power of a 4U EdgeDVR unit but in a portable form factor. This portable workstation comes with a total storage capacity of 30TB and 3 screens yet still has the same capabilities as our rack mounted systems.
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EdgeDVR hardware range

Choose from systems designed to meet your needs in the field.

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Extensions + Addons

Extend the capabilities of your EdgeDVR systems for a greater impact.

extensions + addons


  • Platform Inspection
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Construction
  • Drill Support
  • Diver Support
  • Diving Inspection
  • Diving Construction
  • FPSO Inspection
  • Windfarm Installation and Inspection
  • Salvage/Recovery Surveys
  • Nuclear Site Operations

EdgeDVR capabilities


Event hot-keys can be configured to match the dive task, these allow the user to add events to the log in realtime. These hot-keys can be changed and altered pre/during and post dive. These events can also be setup in the local language of choice.

Auto-Log Creation.

The EdgeDVR creates the dive, video, photo and anomaly Excel logs, automatically. These logs time and date stamps all events and they also hyperlink the videos, photos and video clips, for instant playback.

Video Format.

The new hardware auto detects PAL and NTSC in standard definition and auto detects the high definition feed. The version 4 software utilises microsoft’s VC1 codec and the new version 5 software will allow the user to choose, between a range of codecs.

Full HD Capacity.

All formats of HD are compatible with the new hardware, up to a resolution of 2k on our HD systems, for 4K, the 4k hardware is needed.

Built-in HD Video Overlay.

Each recorded channel has its own dedicated digital video overlay. The overlay can display all survey/ROV data and can also display contractor and client logos on-screen. The new version 5 software, allows the pilot to view, custom overlay, that is not recorded on the video, via a dedicated pilot output (HDMI).

Combined HD and SD.

The HD and 4K hardware can record 4 channels of any combination of standard definition and high definition video recording. The 4k model records single channel 4k and the remaining 3 channels of SD/HD.

NEW: Edge Archive

Creates a real time data mirror of your projects

Edge Archive is a separately licensed application that creates a real time data Mirror of the Project from the two Client Deliverable folders and the Raw editable Project within Edge DVR, allowing for a Projects media to be removed from the DVR, whilst maintaining the structure and integrity of the Project. This means the Project itself does not have to be deleted to free up space on the internal storage.

Digital Edge with its ease of use coupled with the ability for our clients to easily access and review the inspection data via the client viewer has proved to be the cornerstone of our current IRM programs which encompass both Renewables and Oil & Gas in the European sectors.

Malcom Newton - Senior Inspection Engineer - Bluestream Offshore B.V.




The benefits of using the EdgeDVR have been discovered around the world, no matter where you are from or where you are working.


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