The New EdgeDVR v5 Series is Here!

EdgeDVR v5 software.

  • EdgeDVR Lite

    If you need software that is suitable for surveys and inspections, and you have no requirement for eventing and logging, the EdgeLite suits your needs. This product has been developed to provide our smaller clients with the same recording capabilities but for a lower investment.
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  • EdgeDVR Pro

    All the capabilities for the EdgeDVR plus a task based extended database. The deliverable will include an automatically generated infield report to capture all of the inspection results. This can be passed on to the client at the end of the job for instant analysis.
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  • EdgeDVR Standard

    For more in-depth surveys and inspections that require eventing and logging, our standard level software designed specifically for this. This system also autocreates dive, photo, video and anomaly logs.
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EdgeDVR Hardware solutions.

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NEW: Edge Archive

Creates a real time data mirror of your projects

Edge Archive is a separately licensed application that creates a real time data Mirror of the Project from the two Client Deliverable folders and the Raw editable Project within Edge DVR, allowing for a Projects media to be removed from the DVR, whilst maintaining the structure and integrity of the Project. This means the Project itself does not have to be deleted to free up space on the internal storage.

EdgeDVR Accessories / Addons.

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