Rent DVR Inspection Systems


Digital Edge Subsea provides rental systems direct to customers worldwide. If you are interested in renting a system please contact us.

The benefit of renting direct from Digital Edge Subsea is you will have direct access to our excellent support service.

Models available for rental

Version 4:

  • EdgeDVR 1HD 4SD
  • EdgeDVR 1HD 2SD
  • EdgeDVR 1HD 1SD
  • EdgeDVR 4SD
  • EdgeDVR 2SD
  • EdgeDVR 1SD

Version 5:

Other equipment available for rental:

  • ROV Test Box
  • ROV Tools
  • Kramer Switchers
  • EdgeConvert – A range of Video Convertors for the V5 Range
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New Laptop Version

To address the need for portability, or are short on space, the EdgeDVR laptop is now available. With a total storage capacity of 3TB, the 17” laptop has the same capabilities as the rack mounted system and 4 channel HD recording capability, an industry first.

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