About Digital Edge Subsea

Digital Edge Subsea supplies the Oil/Gas, Renewables and Decommissioning industries, with our digital video inspection system, the EdgeDVR.

Digital Edge Subsea started trading in 2010, with our single channel SD digital video recorder and inspection system. The EdgeDVR was designed to be simple to use by personnel, of all levels of ability. The system also had to be as reliable as possible, with very good technical support. All systems can be remotely accessed, training and tech support issues.

Digital Edge Subsea now produces a range of products and supplies systems to many of the major offshore operators worldwide. Digital Edge Subsea is a trusted brand with a reputation for excellent support. With around 500 systems in use offshore, we have a proven record of reliability.

We are based in South Cumbria, with many offshore specialist subsea companies with Tritech (Sonar/Cameras), Siemens (Tronic connectors), Orcina (offshore design software), Link Subsea (subsea moulding and connectors), Fortis Design (ROV tooling, submersible design and sonar surveying) and Blueprint Subsea (sonar and subsea navigation design and manufacturing) all based in the region.