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Our all-important software piloting EdgeDVR systems


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EdgeDVR v5 brings you more...

A new development team, coupled with 10 years of valuable client feedback, has driven us to create the next generation of DVR.

Version 5 meets the technological demands of the industry so that we are compatible with high definition cameras and sensors. Our ideas have been able to come to life in the new software that matches the advanced hardware.

In creating change, customers can now choose the appropriate system to suit their needs. You can choose from 3 versions that cater for all of the industry, not just inspection.

What's New

You have options.

Software designed to meet your needs and your budget...


EdgeDVR Lite

If you need software that is suitable for surveys and inspections, and you have no requirement for eventing and logging, the EdgeLite suits your needs. This product has been developed to provide our smaller clients with the same recording capabilities but for a lower investment.


EdgeDVR Standard

For more in-depth surveys and inspections that require eventing and logging, our standard level software designed specifically for this. This system also autocreates dive, photo, video and anomaly logs.


EdgeDVR Pro

All the capabilities for the EdgeDVR plus a task based extended database. The deliverable will include an automatically generated infield report to capture all of the inspection results. This can be passed on to the client at the end of the job for instant analysis.


Compare Software Versions

To help you understand our EdgeDVR software options we've put together a simple comparison table enabling you to see which version might work best for your technical requirements and your budget, Be sure to speak to a member of our team for further details, advice and a demo.


NEW: Edge Archive

Creates a real time data mirror of your projects

Our new Edge Archive software is a separately licensed application that enables you to create a real time data Mirror of the Project from the two Client Deliverable folders and the Raw editable Project within Edge DVR if required. This further increases efficiency for you with data mirror capabilities designed and optimised to work according to your project situation by allowing for...

Simple data mirror

Phased delivery

Multiple copies of the Deliverable

Simple / Complex data archiving


What's new.

Big improvements...

User friendly
Feedback confirmed that setting up the system needed to be easier. Version 5 is simpler because minimal input is required from the user. This is a “plug and play” system with minimal configuration.

3 Versions of Software
EdgeDVR Lite – entry level unit
EdgeDVR – For more in-depth surveys and inspections that require eventing and logging
EdgeDVR Pro – All the capabilities for the EdgeDVR plus a task based extended database and automatically generated infield reports that capture inspection results.

Choice of hardware
Standard definition, High definition and our first 4K system. The addition of the 4K(UHD) model is a reflection of the latest technology that is now being used on some of the latest ROV and diving systems worldwide.

HDMI inputs
Understanding that multi beam sonar and other third party equipment is required guided us to include dual HDMI ports.

Video outputs
The new v5 hardware has twin graphics cards installed giving up to 8 video outputs that can be configured to display video with overlay and sonar.

Version 5 matches the Windows 10 and tablet look in line with current software trends.

While this is not a new feature, it is critical we keep our original mandate of being reliable.

Laptop version
With a total storage capacity of 3TB, the system has an external 2 TB SSD drive which stores the survey data. The Windows 10 operating system is stored on a 2 x solid state hard drive (Raid) for increased speed and reliability.