A NEW Laptop Solution is Coming!

MD John Benson and Inspection Manager Tracey Lawson have combined offshore experience of 40 years in the subsea inspection industry. This has ensured that the Digital Edge Subsea product range has been developed with the end user as one of the main focuses. We pride ourselves on how user friendly our products are, and we have now added the option of a laptop to our range.

The laptop has the same capabilities as the rack mounted system and 4 channel HD recording capability. If you need to know about storage, the laptop has a total capacity of 3TB, which includes an external 2TB SSD drive, which stores the survey data. The Windows 10 operating system is stored on a 2 x solid state hard drive (Raid) for increased speed and reliability.

And you can choose which version is best for your laptop, EdgeLite, Edge or EdgePro.

Full details are available on the EdgeDVR laptop product page.