EdgeDVR Triple Mobile Display Unit

A portable unit providing integrated triple monitor display in a small form factor and rugged aluminum construction for field deployment.
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EdgeDVR Triple Monitor - Portable Multi-Display

This portable unit provides integrated triple monitor display in a small form factor for field deployment.

The unit can be used as a stand-alone display to provide a multi-display solution for existing computers or as an add-on for the Mobile EdgeDVR Workstation. When combined with the Mobile EdgeDVR Workstation, it can expand the existing 3 displays to become either 6 or 9 total displays.

This unit accepts the following display interface types: Display Port, DVI and VGA for each display. Included with the unit are Display Port, Display Port to HDMI and DVI video cables.

Unit is made of rugged aluminum construction for harsher environments.




Up to 9 Displays

Use the EdgeDVR Triple Display Unit to expand

EdgeDVR Triple Display Unit includes:

  • Display Port interfaces
  • DVI interfaces
  • VGA interfaces
  • Display Port video cables
  • Display Port to HDMI video cables
  • DVI video cables
  • Rugged aluminium construction
  • Peli case

EdgeDVR Triple Display Unit Specifications

Portable Triple Monitors Ready to Go

System specs.

  • Built-in 3x 17.3″ 1080p display with anti-reflection tempered glass
  • Portable stand-alone triple display ready for field deployment
  • Expansion display for Mobile EdgeDVR Workstation unit to create up to 9 screen display
  • Creates a stretched desktop with a maximum screen resolution of 5760×1080
  • Command and control field deployable computing solution
  • Built-in 60W power supply
  • Accept multiple input types for each display
  • Rugged aluminium construction
  • Supplied in Peli case

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EdgeDVR Triple Mobile Display Unit

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