EdgeDVR Pro

All the capabilities for the EdgeDVR plus a task based extended database. The deliverable will include an automatically generated infield report to capture all of the inspection results. This can be passed on to the client at the end of the job for instant analysis.
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EdgeDVR - Pro Level DVR

The EdgeDVR Pro is a complete digital video inspection system. It has been developed to be used by personnel with all levels of experience when completing visual inspections on subsea structures which require real time event logging.

EdgeDVR Pro is a 4U rack-mounted unit with a total storage capacity of 12TB. The system has 3 removable hard drives which store the survey video and photos. The Windows 10 Pro operating system is stored on a solid state hard drive for increased speed and reliability, with a second solid state hard drive for redundancy.

The EdgeDVR Pro system has inbuilt automatic data backup using a proprietary data file management concept. A copy of all data from the inspection is stored on two removable 4TB hard drives. The third removable drive is used to store SD/HD Blackbox video and can also store video from third party inspection programs, COABIS & Nexus.

EdgeDVR Pro Key Features

EdgeDVR Pro software includes:

  • Standard Definition, High Definition or 4K digital video recording (2 x 4TB storage). Video formats, 720i, 1080p, 2160p, etc.
  • Automatic Blackbox video recording (4TB).
  • Digital overlay c/w variable transparent logos and fields.
  • Full HD video stills and video clips.
  • Automatic generation of dive, photo, video and anomaly logs.

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EdgeDVR Pro Full Specifications

System specs.

  • 4 channel recording
  • Online video clips and photos
  • 3 hardware models – SD, HD and 4K
  • Automatic dive, photo, video and anomaly logs
  • User configurable eventing
  • 4 serial inputs
  • 4 channel digital overlay
  • Multibeam sonar recording and control
  • Offline editor – offline video clips and photos
  • Offline eventing
  • Import / export workpack
  • Task based inspection workpack
  • Report Generation
  • Built-in blackbox recording
  • Network video streaming
  • Network viewer
  • Client viewer

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