EdgeDVR Dell Alienware A51M

A portable laptop EdgeDVR solution perfect for situations where mobility is valuable. Available in Standard, Pro and Lite versions.
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EdgeDVR Laptop - Portable DVR

To address the need for portability, or if you are short on space, the EdgeDVR laptop is now available. With a total storage capacity of 3TB, the 17” laptop has the same capabilities as the rack mounted system and 4 channel HD recording capability, an industry first.

You can store data on the external 2 TB SSD drive and for increased speed and reliability, the Windows 10 operating system is stored on 2 x solid state hard drive (Raid).

It is also available in the 3 versions of software: Lite, Edge and Pro to accommodate your needs.

The Portable EdgeDVR

17" Laptop + 4 Channel HD Recording - an Industry First

EdgeDVR Laptop includes:

  • Standard Definition, High Definition or 4K digital video recording (3TB storage capacity). Video formats, 720i, 1080p, 2160p, etc.
  • Automatic Blackbox video recording (1TB).
  • 2 channel serial ports.
  • Digital overlay c/w variable transparent logos and fields.
  • Full HD video stills and video clips.
  • Automatic generation of dive, photo, video and anomaly logs.

EdgeDVR Laptop Full Specifications

4 Channel HD Recording + 3TB Storage

System specs.

  • 4 channel recording
  • Online video clips and photos
  • 3 hardware models – SD, HD and 4K
  • Automatic dive, photo, video and anomaly logs*
  • User configurable eventing*
  • 2 serial inputs
  • 4 channel digital overlay
  • Multibeam sonar recording and control
  • Offline editor – offline video clips and photos
  • Offline eventing*
  • Import / export workpack*
  • Task based inspection workpack**
  • Report Generation**
  • Built-in blackbox recording
  • Network video streaming
  • Network viewer
  • Client viewer

*Available on Standard and Pro options
** Available on the Pro option only

EdgeDVR Version 5 Options

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EdgeDVR Dell Alienware A51M

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