New Products & Extras for 2014.
Wendy Snow | 04/04/14 12:11:29

During 2014 we will be launching EdgeLite (Lite version of the EdgeDVR) and EdgeBB (Dedicated BlackBox Recorder).

For further info:

Just a couple of extras for the EdgeDVR that are available now:-



  • Network Viewer.
  • Up to 8 Streaming video channels

The EdgeDVR can network stream all available video channels

Available in May 2014.



  • 2 Bay Sata to USB Dock.
  • 6 x 3TB Hard Drives.

Designed for use with the EdgeDVR.

Available Now.



  • 4 Bay Sata to USB Dock
  • 6 x 3TB Hard Drives

Designed for use with the EdgeDVR and EdgeEdit.

Available Now.

New Product for April 2014 - EdgeTouch
Wendy Snow | 04/04/14 11:56:07


Simple, touchscreen control for the EdgeDVR range

EdgeTouch Features :-

Video Controls:

  • Start/Stop Video/Video Clip.
  • Take Photo.
  • Change Video Mode HD/SD.
  • Switch Cameras. 

Video Controls

HotKey/Log Entry.

  • Touchscreen HotKeys.

Log Buttons

Workpack Control.

  • Open/Close Components

Workpack Switcher

Available in April 2014.

Contact -


Artemis - Diver Sonar & Nav
Wendy Snow | 04/04/14 11:11:15


Diver using Artemis

Simple, easy to use sonar and nav.

Artemis Manager

Realtime, post dive, sonar and navigation.

Artemis is a modular handheld console that can be configured as a diver target detection sonar and GPS underwater navigation aid.


  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • The user can quickly interpret data presented via the simple menu interface and graphical display.
  • Sonar, navigation and other apps are selected and controlled via a simple 5 button interface.
  • Artemis is neutrally buoyant.
  • The lanyard supplied can be attached to a D-Ring or other securing point on the diver, enabling the unit to hang free during descent/ascent.
  • Artemis is a modular system.
  • Features a titled 3.5" colour LCD and 5 button interface.
  • Easily swappable rechargeable battery pack located at the bottom of the unit that can be changed during the dive.
  • Fitted with an internal 16GB storage memory for data logging.
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Digital & mechanical compasses.
  • GPS location fix via tethered Buoy.
  • Mission download via PC.

Future Options:

  • Through water communications to enable integration with existing GPS system.


Demo systems available.

Digital Edge Subsea attend Oceanology International 2014
Wendy Snow | 04/04/14 11:01:42


Digital Edge @ Oceanology International 

Excel, London 11th - 13th March 2014.

Digital Edge Subsea attend Underwater Intervention 2014
Wendy Snow | 04/04/14 10:56:07

Digital Edge @ Underwater Intervention 

11th - 13th Feb 2014