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EdgeDVR Diver and ROV DVR and inspection system

Digital Edge Subsea is a world leader in offshore digital video recording (DVR) and inspection systems.

Digital Edge Subsea develops and manufactures DVR products for use throughout the offshore oil and gas industry including diving, remote operated vehicle (ROV) and topside operations.

Our EdgeDVR is currently used worldwide by most of the major ROV and diving contractors.

There are currently six models of the EdgeDVR with the top models of the EdgeDVR-HD capable of simultaneously recording both high definition (HD) and multiple standard definition (SD) video channels.

The EdgeDVR is an essential part of any ROV system and can be integrated into both work-class and eyeball ROV systems, its simple to use and full of very useful features. There are currently over 240 units in the field with a truly established proven history of reliability.

Why use an EdgeDVR?

The EdgeDVR was born out of the frustrations of using current digital video recorder (DVR) systems that were offshore. The founders had many years experience flying workclass and eyeball ROVs and carrying out both platform inspections and pipeline inspections. The EdgeDVR was designed for the end user, from the experience of people who know the oil and gas industry. It is designed to be a simple to use DVR and make life easier for the operator. At the same time the EdgeDVR is a full featured digital video inspection system that delivers a comprehensive client deliverable with virtually no time consuming post processing required.

Having being there in the middle of the night struggling with a break down, we know how annoying it is to have unreliable kit. For this reason we designed the EdgDVR to be as reliable as possible from the ground up. We over spec the hardware so it runs cool and have built up a reputation for reliability.

The advantage of using Digital Edge Subsea's digital video recorder, digital video overlay and video inspection equipment is they produce a high quality deliverable with minimal work from the user. The EdgeDVR produces video that can be shared and watched on any Windows PC with no extra codecs or software and integrates eventing and survey data seamlessly. Every project has a free client viewer included so the client can easily navigate both the inspection video and data. It is phenomenally easy to use, with most people being proficient after just a few hours training. Whether you are a client / asset owner or an operating / service company, if you work with ROVs or diving, carrying out any work (e.g. platform, FPSO or pipeline inspections, construction or drill support work), specify the EdgeDVR, it will make your life easier.

If you want to buy an ROV, an EdgeDVR is an essential part of the system.  Securing work and repeat contracts is dependent on delivering a quality deliverable to the client, which all Digital Edge DVRs produce.


  • Gas and Oil Pipeline Inspection
  • Gas and Oil Platform Inspection
  • FPSO Inspection
  • Windfarm \ Wind Turbine Inspection & Construction
  • Drill Support
  • Construction
  • Diving Operations
  • ROV Operations (Eyeball and Workclass)
  • Topside Inspections
  • Nuclear installation video monitoring and eventing of critical operations
North Sea Oil Platform

Worldwide Usage

The benefits of using the EdgeDVR have been discovered around the world, no matter where you are from or where you are working you want three main things:

  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • A consistent, quality deliverable

ROV operators, divers and oil and gas companies have found that Digital Edge Subsea's products deliver all these points and more, and that is the reason they keep coming back for more.

The North Sea

The EdgeDVR is primarily used within the offshore oil and gas industry, although has also been used extensively in the expanding windfarm industry in the Irish Sea off the UK and the North Sea off Germany. The DVR has seen extensive work with a broad range of companies in the North Sea operating from most of the coastal European countries, UK (Aberdeen), Norway (Stavanger, Bergen), Denmark (Copenhagen), Sweden (Stockholm), The Netherlands (Den Helder), Germany and France.  Used for a diverse range of tasks, from recording construction work for Statoil to cable inspections for Centrica and every conceivable subsea operation inbetween.

Gulf of Mexico & Canada

Digital Edge Subsea DVR products are used successfully by many companies throughout the United States and Canada. Operating in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) out of both Houston in the US and Mexico, many companies are benefiting from the ease of use of the digital video recording and inspection system. ROV operators in the United States were able to see first hand the many advantages of using our DVR products at Underwater Intervention in New Orleans.


Brazil is a rapidly expanding market within the oil and gas industry and already the EdgeDVR is used by ROV service companies carrying out construction and subsea video inspection work for Petrobras off Brazil. Digital Edge Subsea has exhibited in Rio de Janeiro and as well as selling direct also has an agent in Macaé.


This a strong market for Digital Edge Subsea, working with companies in Perth and also Australian companies that are operating from Singapore. Different companies choose their own model which best suites them, some buy direct from Digital Edge Subsea, some take advantage of dealing with the knowledgable local agents, with per project rentals also proving a popular option.


Companies in Singapore and the surrounding region were early on the uptake of the EdgeDVR and have now been using our DVRs extensively for the past 5 years on both ROV and diving applications. We exhibited at OSEA 2012 in Singapore and will be there again for OSEA 2014.

Middle East

ROV operators in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have used our systems for years and continue to expand their usage of our equipment. Due to the fact that the event buttons and log text are configurable onshore, a consistent deliverable is produced across different shifts and systems in any language.


Nigeria is a growing offshore industry and companies operating here have already embraced our products, realising their potential as simple to use but reliable in remote and inaccessible areas.  Operators take maximum advantage of its flexible usage from basic video recording to full general visual inspections (GVI).



During the dive, the user inputs events in the EdgeDVR either by simply clicking on an event button, or by typing a manual input. The event buttons can be easily edited / changed by the user. The event button configuration can be stored and loaded at any point during the inspection.

Automatic Log Creation

During normal ROV or Diving operations the user logs events, starts / stops video, takes photos etc, these events go into the EdgeDVR log. These are then converted to Excel logs at the end of each dive or at a convenient time.

The EdgeDVR automatically produces dive, photo, video and anomaly logs.

Video Format

Digital Edge Subsea produces video recording and inspection systems specifically for the subsea industry, our leading product is the EdgeDVR-HD, which is capable of recording 1 channel of HD and up to 3 channels of SD simultaneously. Originally the EdgeDVR-HD recorded using the H.264 video codec, however it was found that all too often end clients were unable to play the video unless they downloaded a codec pack. As the client is often a major oil company with a highly secured IT system, users can often not install a codec pack so cannot play the video. For this reason the EdgeDVR-HD moved to using the VC-1 codec with the Windows Media Video (WMV) container. This means the video recorded using the EdgeDVR-HD can be played on any Windows PC, with no need to install anything, currently over 91% of desktop computer systems worldwide. Clients can now play their video with no extra software and clips can be passed throughout the company with the same confidence that they will be playable as when VHS or DVDs were used.

Full HD Capability in Main Video, Video Clips and Blackbox

Once a client decides to use HD it is important that the operator can provide the whole deliverable in HD. Some recording systems record the main video in SD and only the clips in HD, however this means the job has to be done perfectly live (and people are not perfect!). If for example an anomaly is missed, there is only SD video of it to give the client, which is a breach of contract. The EdgeDVR-HD records the main video, the video clips and the blackbox in full HD, therefore if a photo or a clip is missed it can be taken offline later and still be at the HD resolution.

Built in HD Video Overlay

The EdgeDVR-HD includes a built in multi-channel digital video overlay for both HD and SD.

There is an independent video overlay and header for each video channel, with the option of displaying inspection workpack information.

The overlay is easy to use, with drag and drop fields and the ability to save and open overlay configurations.

Any RS-232 / survey data (Heading, Depth, GPS etc) can be displayed on the digital video overlay and can be recorded into the dive, photo, video and anomaly logs.

Using a built in digital video overlay means there are fewer components which reduces both cost and failure points, which in turn could possibly reduce downtime.

Combined HD and SD Capability

It is rare for an ROV to only have a HD camera installed, often there will also be a low light black and white SD camera. The SD camera offers the benefit of having a wider field of view so can give an overview. It is useful to have the option of recording either or both cameras simultaneously. Our leading model ROV DVR can display and record (main video, video clips and blackbox) 1 HD and up to 3 SD cameras simultaneously. You also have the option for example if carrying out a pipeline inspection displaying and recording 3 videos with the centre HD video and 2 SD videos. Of course the DVR is configurable to use 3 SD video channels if desired.


Third Party Compatibility

The EdgeDVR is compliant with both Coabis (from version 10.9) and WIGM NEXUS. It can interface with many survey packages and has been integrated into a wide range of ROV and diving systems, a few of the systems we know are:

Seaeye ROVs: Tiger, Falcon, Cougar, Lynx, Jaguar

SMD ROVs: Quantum, Quasar, Atom

Shilling FMC Technologies ROVs: Shilling HD

VideoRay ROVs: Pro 4, Pro 3

Air and SAT diver systems


Client Project Viewer

The EdgeDVR produces a ready to go client deliverable. With the free client project viewer the end client can easily browse the whole video inspection and survey data with no requirement for time consuming post processing.

The client viewer has multi-channel playback for both video and photos.

The client can browse the dive log, click on events and the video will play at that event.

The logs can be filtered to show only photos, videos, clips and anomalies.


If you are interested in the EdgeDVR, reading the brochure or the manual does not give a true representation of how easy it to use and the power of its features, please contact us and we can give you an online demonstration so you can fully appreciate the benefits. Digital Edge Subsea can also provide demonstration systems for you to evaluate free of charge. If you are interested in trialling a demo system please contact sales.

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